lets *bake, *cook, *travel, *exercise, *shop, *learn, *live *love and *eatlife up, in our *eatlife everyday essentials.

Our Mission


To be the go-to, lifestyle platform that creates & designs athlesuire made for the individual, yet unites a community. 


Design and deliver the worlds best loved gut friendly, bakes & recipes without ever compromising on flavour, texture or aesthetic.

  • *bake

    *eatlife was born from our kitchen table focusing on inclusive, gut-friendly bakes that do not compromise on texture and flavour - because everyone deserves to *eatlife up.

  • *cook

    Food is not only fuel, it is a way to unite people, provoke emotions, and make memories. We create delicious and nutritious gut-friendly recipes which you can find on our Instagram.

  • *fitness

    Fitness plays a key role in our lives, both mentally and physically, tune into our social to check out how we are moving and grooving.

  • Purpose

    Consumer focused products that dress the individual for everyday living, post gym hang outs, cheffing in the kitchen, grabbing a coffee & much more.

  • Honesty

    Transparency in all we create. High quality, sustainable products that are durable and perfectly designed for your everyday athlesuire wardrobe.

  • Positivity

    Easy items to style and wear for any occasion, whilst portraying a vital message that we are here to enjoy our journey & *eatlife up!